Jori Cachene

Jori Anne Cachene is known for her large scale Indigenous female portraits, which draw upon traditional, mystical, and natural symbolism. In the creation of her work, Jori is inspired by the spiritual aspects of art making, as well as by her identity as an Saulteaux women. Jori works in many mediums including acrylic, watercolour, ink, pencil, collage, and fabric, and has an affinity for writing songs on her guitar, journalling, and film-making. When not painting, Jori works as an Arts Educator and Guidance Counselor with Regina Public Schools. Jori feels passionate about the conscious evolution of her spirit and that has led her to train and work in the areas of hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, and sacred development. Jori lives in Regina, Saskatchewan with her wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

© Copyright Jori Cachene

Dancing Bird Woman 2015

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