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The Kahte-ayak Residency was a part of a special project at the First Nations University. The residency had seven artists collaborating and working on their own to paint tipi liners. The tipi's located on the front lawn of the First Nations University of Canada, were to represent the resiliency, shared history, and diversity of the First Nations people  living on Turtle Island. 

Jori's tipi liner was to represent the opening of the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (SIFC), as a triumph and the start of a great legacy. The image depicts the future First Nations of University of Canada building behind the great tree of knowledge. 

On the tree of knowledge hang the ceremonial cloth, which represents all the prayers and offerings given by community members involved in the creation of the school. As well, the flowers on the tree represent the first students of the school, taking their first steps to create change in the lives of their families and future generations. 

On the piece you will also see the symbolic feathers from the first SIFC logo, representing the language groups found within Saskatchewan. In addition, you will find 2 fancy dancers, 2 buffalo, as well as buffalo berry bushes, representing how the university was built upon the traditional world view of the First Nations people, their art, culture, and knowledge of the land. 

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